Our Construction Projects

Acon Construction have completed many projects over the years, below is just some of the work we have done for very happy clients.

Halton Council

Work has been carried out on Halton Council Outbuilding on Lower House lane Depot. Details will be published as soon as possible

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Mike Thelwell Flooring

Details are still being processed for this project and will be added as soon as they are available, please bare with us, Thanks

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NW Media Centre – Warrington

We submitted our application for building work on the North West Media Centre in Warrington on 14th November 2011. Interim Application 01 - 14th November Final Application 02 - 29th December

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Martin Building – Chester

Our initial application for the Martin building in Chester was submitted in October 2011. Interim Application 01 - 4th Oct 2011 Interim Application 02 - 17th Oct 2011 Interim Application 03 - 31st Oct 2011 Interim Application 04 - 14th Nov 2011 Interim Application...

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John Milton Building – Chester

In August 20122 we submitted our application to oversee various building work on the John Milton Building in Chester. Interim Application 01 - 29th Aug 2011 Interim Application 02 - 12th Sept 2011 Interim Application 03 - 4th Oct 2011 7th December 2011 - Roof Repairs...

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